The Swiss Anja Braendli is the creative force behind the emerging fashion brand ANJA SUN SUKO. In 1998, she was the youngest winner of the most important Swiss fashion competition “Prix Bolero”. 

Anja has been around as an independent fashion designer since the late 90′. Shortly after she opened her own studio in Zurich’s Longstreet district it became apparent to her that she needed to broaden her horizons. Looking for brighter inspiration and a persistent balance, she travelled around Asia, where she finally found the ideal and paradise environment for her future work and settled in Bali.  

Today she lives and works on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. A few weeks every year she is travelling around the world and returning to Europe for new fashion inspirations, fostering business relationships and of course visiting her Swiss family and friends. It was no surprise that within a short time after expanding the label in Bali, the brand became a part of the international fashion scene. The various collections are sold in her own boutiques and various luxury hotels in Bali and as well as in various shops around Europe and Asia Pacific.

She describes her style as “SPORT-COUTURE”. Simply put, it’s a stylish combination of classic and sporty fashion for creative and unique individuals. ANJA SUN SUKO is all about “exceptional stylish and sexy fashion creations”. Anja loves creating a mix of colourful fashion clothes and elegant accessories. 

The collections of ANJA SUN SUKO are influenced by the long tradition of Bali’s colourful textile and fabric process, well known for many centuries. The famous Indonesian floral and graphic samples have been brought to Africa by the Dutch colonization back in the 19th century. 

Since the very beginning of Anja’s creative work these colourful prints are used in various patterns and fabrics, which have been the most important inspiration for her. Today they represent the individual trademark of the brand. Anja and her team spare no effort at detailing and fine-tuning the chosen samples, all the way to the neatly finishing of each piece.